Cramer Ball to be new Alitalia CEO

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The Board of Directors of Alitalia, chaired by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, met today in the airline’s headquarters near Rome Fiumicino Airport.

The meeting agenda included delegating Chief Executive Officer powers to Cramer Ball, effective 7 March, 2016. The powers will be the same as those delegated to Mr Montezemolo while he acted as interim CEO.  

The Board of Directors noted with satisfaction that financial results for 2015 and the first two months of 2016 are in line with budgeted forecasts.  

The Board also confirmed that it is on schedule to become profitable by 2017.  

The airline’s international route network, the Board also noted, is developing positively with new services this year to Santiago from 1 May and to Mexico City from 16  June and that Alitalia has seen considerable improvements recently in its on-time performance record and customer service standards, both in the air and on the ground.  

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nourhan Morsy

    July 29, 2016 at 10:25 am

    Dear Mr/Mrs,

    I hope this email finds you well. My experience with Alitalia caused me panic attacks and depression,I hope that you can help to get my rights as a passenger and I have all the medical reports from my psychological doctor. I am reported my case to the international organisation IATA and I will even raise a case. No one is responding on my emails and no one cares about my case. I cannot believe how terrible this airline is. What is their customer service doing ?!!! The staff members even admitted that alitalia lose passengers bags everyday, they do not have a tracking system for the bags, they have no idea where is my bags and that their ” world tracing” website is not updated. They even told me that no one will go online and update where is every single bag because they lose A LOT OF LUGGAGES EVERYDAY AND THEY DO NOT TRACE THE LOST BAGS.

    I have taken Alitalia flight from the Los Angles, US, stopped at Rome for the transit, and arrived to my final destination Cairo, Egypt on the 25th of July.

    I traveled with a group of friends. We had a total of 8 luggages and ALL of our bags were lost. We weren’t even the only ones, there were at least four other travellers who didn’t get their bags either. Shockingly, it turns out that this luggage issue happens everyday with Alitalia, where we thought our flights were safe. Two days after our arrival, only one of my two bags was delivered, while the other one is still lost. I reported a case with the number CAIAZ63040. Until now I have no idea where is my bag, numbered 583957, soft blue with a numerical lock. Alitalia office in Cairo has no idea how to even trace the bag to know where it is. Hence, they cannot even identify its location for me to know its eventually arriving. Even your online tracing system is not updated.

    I tried calling the office in Italy and they were so unprofessional, unhelpful and they did not show any care for finding my lost luggage. I would like to draw your attention that my bag in itself is very expensive, aside from the highly valuable items inside it. Hence, This situation is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. They gave me the worst experience ever. If I did not receive my luggage within the next twenty four hours I will take the case to a higher level and contact my lawyer. Hence, I will early seek a compensation for the bag and all the items in it which is worth $4000. I had a Macbook air laptop, a lot of new cloths, five pairs of choice one of them is Michael Kors, one Michael Kors bag, one Calvin Klein bag, one Michael Kors wallet, hair drier, iron, Victoria secret perfumes, a lot of brand new make up from Mac, and even more stuff. And I have all of the receipts for these items. I hope you take the issue seriously and make sure to locate my bag and send it to Egypt, not to mention have a dedicated person to follow up with me on it.

    This horrible experience didn’t even start after landing in Egypt,l. First of all, their servers were not updated, to the extent that it took nearly an hour at check in to just FIND my ticket. Secondly, the flight was delayed both times by an hour and while flying, at some point there was so much turbulence i actually came to believe we are crashing (the plane was shaking like crazy). At this point I collapsed and got a panic attack. Then, when we arrived in rome, there was a family who had waited 36 hours at the airport because of a late flight that came from pisa to rome (with alitalia) causing them to miss their flight from rome to cairo, and when they were told they were guaranteed the next flight after these 36 hours, the husband and son were left behind in rome because the airplane had “no space” and the wife was left crying on the plane (HOW DO YOU EVEN ISSUE SOMEONE A TICKET IF THE PLANE IS FULL?!). This is made me really worried and wondering what kind of airline I am travelling with that can do that to passengers. To make matters worse, the representative of alitalia was yelling and being very rude towards the husband and son, no sympathy at all. Somebody tell me why this is a functioning airline?
    BUT WAIT, it doesn’t end there. So i go to claim one of my bags after two days and i receive it completely destroyed. Careless, incompetent and disrespectful.
    Again, if I did not receive my bag within the next twenty four hours I will contact my lawyer and take the case further so do not push me to do that. I will even seek contacting the lady who had the previously mentioned accident with you since she is very angry for what happened to her family. I will even raise an online campaign to raise awareness for passengers and tell them about what can happen to them if they ever flight with you. I hope you are aware with the customer powerful influence these days. Your company identifies all means of inconvenience.
    I am hoping to hear back from you within the coming few hours with something solid.



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