A330-200 with increased range receives EASA certification

Airbus’ successful A330-200 has received EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certification for the new 242 tonne Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) version, following certification in April 2015 of the 242t A330-300.

Certification from the US authorities (FAA) will follow.

Eric Zanin, Airbus Head of the A330 Programme said:

“With this new 242t A330-200 our customers will benefit from even more range plus a proven 99.4 percent reliability, while offering their passengers best-in-class comfort. It’s unbeatable operating costs and unique versatility make the A330 Family a highly competitive solution in the medium to long haul market.”

The range of the new A330-200 242t increases by up to 350 nautical miles/650 kilometres compared to today’s 238 tonne model, allowing customers to fly missions up to 7,250 nm/ 13,400 km.

Thanks to aerodynamic refinements and engine enhancements, operators will reduce their fuel consumption by up two percent. Launched in 2012 and already in service on the larger A330-300 model, the 242 tonne variant is the platform for the A330neo – yet another concrete example of Airbus’ incremental innovation strategy.

The A330 Family seats 250 to 300 passengers (in a typical 3 class configuration) and includes Freighter, VIP, and Military Transport/Tanker variants. To date the A330 Family has attracted more than 1,500 orders and around 1,200 A330s are flying worldwide with over 100 operators.

Ever since the original A330-300 entered service, its hallmarks are its very efficient operating economics, innovative cabin features, while offering passengers much wider economy-class seats than any competing aircraft. Moreover, with numerous product improvements and with an operational reliability of 99.4 percent, the A330 is the most cost-efficient and capable aircraft in its class.

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