Wages: Air France Management Makes a Proposal and Asks for Strike Action Notice to Be Lifted

Air France
Air France

Today, Air France management met with all the unions who have called for strike action on 23rd March.

After listening to their demands for a 6% general pay increase, management reminded them that the company’s economic and financial situation, in a particularly aggressive competitive environment, made this general pay increase impossible without jeopardizing its growth, investment and resumed recruitments.

During this meeting, as part of its commitment to open dialogue, and in anticipation of the forthcoming “French Air Transport Conferences” (Assises du transport aérien) for which the company and its staff must adopt a united stance to present its arguments in the discussions, management has stated that it is willing to negotiate a pay adjustment mechanism to compensate for the reduced purchasing power of staff whose individual pay in 2017 compared with that of 2011 is said to have increased more slowly than the inflation rate over the same period.

As a result, at the end of these negotiations, no Air France employee will have seen their purchasing power decrease over this period.

In addition to the various measures implemented in 2018, this proposal responds to the concern to preserve purchasing power while remaining compatible with the need to maintain an economic balance that is essential for the company’s development.

Management has asked the unions to lift their strike notice and has indicated that it is willing to begin talks as quickly as possible.

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