How You Can Stay Connected Among the Clouds

Many frequent fliers do not think that using airplane mode when airborne is necessary and opt to use their wireless data when traveling to stay connected. However, there is a very good reason to comply with the United States Federal Aviation Administration’s recommendation to avoid using cellular data when airborne. While it is unlikely that a few non-compliant fliers will cause a great safety hazard, their devices can send annoying feedback into the pilot and traffic controller’s headsets which can pretty severely hinder communication. Generally, flight professionals just find this annoying, but in the right conditions and with a large number of non-compliant fliers, there could be some serious safety concerns.

How Am I Able to Stay Connected?

Fortunately, many airlines are offering satellite-based Gogo inflight Wi-Fi as an alternative to stay connected without compromising communications between air traffic control and pilots. This service allows frequent fliers and businesses to purchase affordable monthly subscription plans that grant access to inflight Wi-Fi. Airlines that use Gogo Wi-Fi can also grant access to reliable inflight Wi-Fi on an hourly or daily basis which gives flexibility to fliers who may not need to invest in a monthly subscription plan. Gogo Wi-Fi is a great and safe alternative to cellular data that allows professionals to continue working and families to stay connected. In addition, Gogo Wi-Fi offers inflight entertainment, which includes the latest movies and TV shows.

Some wireless carriers recognize the importance of staying connected even when airborne. That is why T-Mobile offers unlimited texting plans with one free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi on any Gogo-equipped flight. With a free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi, you could conference call a customer, connect with distant family members or even watch an episode of your favorite TV show. In today’s digital world, staying connected is more important than ever, whether it is for business or pleasure.

What Devices are Best to Use?

There is a wide array of smartphone options that offer great functionality for frequent fliers. The LG G6 smartphone offers a 5.7″ display that is large enough to provide easy-to-read text, while providing a compact convenience that is especially desirable to space conscious frequent fliers. It also provides media enthusiasts with a fantastic viewing experience. The QHD+ resolution is enhanced by Dolby Vision for crisp pictures on a FullVision display. This smart phone’s trademarked FullVision display has an 80 percent screen-to-body ratio. More screen means better pictures! It’s also great for frequent travelers, because of its water, dust, and military-standard drop shock resistance.

Frequent fliers understand the stress, boredom, and loneliness that can sometimes be a part of travel. However, innovative companies are partnering to help travelers be productive, communicate with loved ones, and stay entertained during boring flights.

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