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GoJet Airlines Announces Increased Signing and Type Rating Bonuses

GoJet Airlines announced that it has rolled out a number of new initiatives that significantly increase new hire pay for its pilot group.

In addition to starting pay that’s among the highest in the industry ($36.50 per flight hour), all new hire pilots are now eligible for a $12,000 signing bonus. New-hire pilots with a current CL-65 or ERJ-170 type rating are also eligible for an additional $3,000 training bonus, for a total bonus of $15,000.

New-hire pilots with the aforementioned type ratings may also take advantage of a number of other benefits, including the ability to carry over longevity from another carrier at a rate of 1:1 (for example, a pilot with two years of longevity at another carrier would start at GoJet with two years of longevity).  New-hire pilots with these type ratings are also eligible to earn up to six months of early seniority, greatly decreasing their likelihood of sitting reserve. This program allows pilots to come to two days of initial training, receive a seniority number, and then be placed on personal leave for a maximum of 180 days.

This program is especially advantageous for pilots with these type ratings who join GoJet as Direct Entry Captains. These pilots will earn a minimum of $86,000 in combined pay and benefits during their first year. That number increases for every year of longevity that a Direct Entry Captain carries over from their previous carrier.

“While new hire incentives at regional airlines typically focus only on starting pay or signing bonuses, this package also offers some really attractive incentives for pilots who have accumulated time at other carriers,” said GoJet Airlines Chief Operating Officer Terry Basham.

“We’re particularly excited about our longevity carry-over and early seniority programs, which allow pilots facing long upgrade times to launch new careers at GoJet with a head start on the seniority list and no loss of accumulated longevity.”

Additionally, GoJet pilots are now eligible to receive a $10,000 bonus for each successful pilot candidate they refer to the company, with no cap on referrals.

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