Top Tips for Hiring a Private Jet

When you need to get from one destination to another at the speed of light, your best bet is typically a private jet. Many people see this as a luxury way of traveling as you usually find business executives and high net worth individuals flying via private jet. With that being said, it should be an unforgettable experience and one that provides a level of comfort you wouldn’t get on a mainstream airline. Whether this is going to be your first or third trip, here are some tips for hiring a private jet that should make your experience seamless. 

Look for Cost-effective Options 

Private jets come at a range of price points, so the first thing you should do is create a budget. Decide what the maximum you’re willing to spend is and stay within that bracket. Being cost-effective doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise on quality. It’s about getting your monies worth and ensuring you’re paying for the best quality. 

To save money on your trip, try choosing a plane with a shorter range. It may also help if you’re conservative about the amount of food you order as catering orders can be relatively expensive. However, you may be pleased to know that it’s legal to bring your own alcohol on the flight as long as it’s served by the flight crew. 

Do Background Research 

When hiring a private jet, you want to choose a reliable company. Some factors to consider include their track record for flying and how smooth the flight is. Flying on a private jet should be a luxury experience, so you want to avoid private jet rental companies with a bad reps. Additionally, you should also check how punctual they are and whether they have impressive customer service. Stratos Jets Charters are a reputable private jet company that you should look into. They fly to an array of exciting locations, and you can rest assured the quality of the service will be second to none. If you’re visiting the busy metropolitan city of Dallas, for instance, Stratos Jet Charters can help you enjoy great Texan hospitality in style, with routes taking off from major cities including Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. 

Know Your Luggage Limits 

Just as with any airline, it’s crucial that you note private jets have limits too. These limits could be as a result of the size of the luggage compartment door and weight restrictions based on how much fuel is going to be needed for the flight.

Nevertheless, there are certainly fewer restrictions than you would have on a mainstream airline, however, discuss this with your jet charter advisor beforehand. If you’re coming with a group of people, this is especially something to discuss as different planes have different capacities. 

Book in Advance 

Ideally, you should book a private jet within at least 12 hours of your desired departure time. This gives the company ample time to find something that fits your specifications and that will give you a good experience. 

Dress the Part 

Although there are no set rules on how you should dress when flying in a private jet, it’s always nice to look the part. Business or business casual attire is a suitable look if it’s a relatively formal trip. Even if you’re flying with friends and family, you should at least wear neat jeans and avoid gym clothes or the likes.  

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