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VistaPet – VistaJet Launches its Pet Travel Programme

Labelled VistaPet, the aim of this scheme is to make travelling with our furry friends easier than ever before.

In recent times, the notion of travelling abroad with your pet has become increasingly popular and accessible. This is certainly true when travelling from the UK to a fellow EU member state, as the introduction of pet passports has negated the need for quarantine.

Still, it’s rare to see your beloved pets travelling on airplanes, which is why the international private aviation brand VistaJet has announced a new initiative that will welcome four-legged passengers on overseas flights.

Labelled VistaPet, the aim of this scheme is to make travelling with our furry friends easier than ever before. But what exactly does it entail, and how does it ensure that your pets can travel comfortably on short and long-haul flights?

How does the Initiative Work?

At present, VistaJet remains the only private jet company that operates globally, and in this respect it’s ideally placed to provide a dedicated service aimed at travelling pets.

However, the brand has worked diligently to ensure that the scheme operates efficiently, from its simplified booking service to the provision of a comfortable flight.

Another key aspect of the scheme is the advice provided by VistaJet’s representatives, which helps to overcome the fact that there are no standard rules for the transportation of pets across the globe. So prior to booking, you can contact the company’s customer service team and ensure that your pet has received the necessary vaccinations and is microchipped.

Once on board, four-legged passengers will receive a VistaPet Pochette, which is essentially a travel bag that contains everything from bio-organic pet food and nutritional treats. There are even water-free shampoos and soothing wipes for outstanding fur care, and these can prove to be extremely effective over the course of long-haul flights.

VistaJet has also worked closely with the clinical veterinarian Dr. Bruce Fogle when developing their menu, with a clear focus on delivering meals that help to keep pets fully hydrated and healthy.

The initiative extends far beyond these basic points, however, as it also offers fear of flying courses for dogs who are booked onto international flights. 

These are provided in conjunction with The Dog House, and they can be used either to tackle a specific issue or instances where your pet is flying for the very first time.

Why have VistaJet Launched this Initiative?

There’s no doubt that the launch of this initiative has come at the ideal time, as travel trends and the behaviour of passengers continue to shift.

More specifically, VistaJet has reported a hefty 104% increase in the number of animals travelling abroad during the last two years, whilst one-in-four of the brand’s members fly regularly with their loyal companions.

In 2018, there was also a 47% increase in the number of dogs travelling aboard VistaJet flights in comparison with the previous years’ figures. This reflects the fact that pets are considered in many instances to be a part of their respective family unit, and therefore deserve the same quality of service as human passengers.

Above all else, the travel standards previously available for pets have failed to meet our expectations, with 75% of owners skeptical about whether or not an airline can adequately care for their companion. This is a key driver of the new VistaPet initiative, which is likely to blaze a trail for other firms to operate in the future.

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