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5 Easy Ways to Find the Cheapest Flights for College Students

We’ve decided to show you some tips where and how to find really cheap flights for your next vacation.

Being a student, you’re thinking about 3 things: how to do my assignment on time and receive high grades, what party to attend, and how to travel as much as you can while being eligible for all the student’s discounts for literally any entertainment available. If the first two issues you usually figure out when it’s time to, the last one should be given a little more attention in order for you to make your trip fit the budget. As one of the biggest travel spendings is transportation to/from, we’ve decided to show you some tips where and how to find really cheap flights for your next vacation. 

Use Deals for Students

Australia or Europe-based, any student is eligible for the deals that some airlines offer. For instance, some European airlines partner with Erasmus programs and give special discounts for the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) cardholders and a free checked bag. Others travel platforms like CheapOair provides the studying folks with promo codes, and American Airlines offer super cheap vacations to the Caribbean. So, you can always ask someone to do my assignment in Australia while searching for the ways to shop for the promotions and pay less. No worries – the writers will do the job so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight without worrying too much about the grade. The verdict: stay alert on what’s going on with the seasonal deals for students and apply for the ESN card if you’re qualified. 

Book Earlier/Later Dates

Everybody knows about the glorious spring break, and this is the travel booking madness for every student who has decided to take on the really cheap flights. Spoiler alert: the prices for the spring break in your country for nearly any destination will be higher than they are within 2-4 days before or after. This is what you’ll have as an option: you’ll either buy tix for a few days earlier, google “pay someone to do my assignment” and save some cash on this trip, or you go the fixed dates and pay double. The choice is yours, but if you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for the best option for your budget. 

Book for Unpopular Destination

Bali during spring break? If you have some extra money – why not? One of the top advice on how to find cheap plane tickets is to opt for the least popular destination and by saying “least popular,” we don’t mean exotic. We mean flying to Manchester rather than London, Portugal rather than Spain or San Diego rather than LA. Disclaimer: this should be treated as general advice only as sometimes it’s cheaper to fly to those that are considered popular.


Book in Advance

Gone are the days when the airport stands sell the last-minute tickets for the minimum price as the closer to the dates the highest amount of money you will pay to where you wanna go, especially if this is a destination in demand. A safe choice will be to monitor the tickets 2-1,5 months in advance. Tip: always search in the incognito mode and pay attention to the amount of the free seats available – they are the indicators of how many tickets are sold. 

Search and Compare

You can save a lot if you search harder, and this is the personal example. For instance, many of the travel planning systems like Kayak, Skyscanner and others may offer you different prices for the same flight/ticket. And can you imagine your astonishment when you go to the airline website and find a drastically different price? The bottom line: it’s worth asking for help typing “do my assignment Australia online” and be free to have a few hours for surfing the Internet. And won’t be surprised when your friends will contact you to book their next vacation. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are a lot of ways how a student can organize and book the airfare without breaking their (or their parents’) bank. Now you know them too. So, where are you flying next?  

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