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Acceleration of Air Traffic To Hold The Flag High For Aircraft Smoke Detection System Market

ATR 72-600 Cockpit
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The growing air traffic (international and domestic passengers) calls for novel and updated aircraft. Plus, conventional technology needs to be refurbished with the advanced one. This includes smoke detection and fire extinguishing system as well. Sternness with regards to government policies and regulations pertaining to passengers’ safety has mandated all the aircraft to get smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems installed. This trend is bound to drive the aircraft smoke detection and fire extinguishing system market between 2020 and 2030.

The aircraft smoke detection and extinguishing system market is, in turn, expected to drive the fiber optics market, as aircraft temperature sensing/smoke detection systems do use fiber optics. Besides, the cockpit itself could be used for monitoring this aircraft smoke detection and fire extinguishing system.

In Asia-Pacific, economies like India and Japan have been witnessing substantial foreign investments. This would certainly impact the aviation industry with improvisation in safety as well as emergency measures. North America and Europe are already at the saturation stage of the aircraft smoke detection and fire extinguishing system market. The Middle East and Africa are also expected to grow at a substantial rate.

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Amongst the types of aircraft smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems, sensor-type are looked upon as the most promising ones, as the level of precision is higher than the handheld ones. Heat sensing gets used for landing gear bays, high temperature bleed air leaks, toilet waste bins, APUs/engines, and cargo holds. The smoke detector gets placed in avionics bays, toilet compartments, and the cargo holds.

Cautions or alerts get activated at the local level (cabin crew investigation) for the toilet smoke detectors. At times, a toilet detector could trigger a “FIRE” warning on the flight deck. The other smoke detector and fire alerts get activated in the flight deck. The crux of the matter is that it’s essential that crew members do understand the kind of detection used corresponding to that particular location.

Heat detection in the landing gear bay may need recycling on the part of the landing gear for facilitating brake units’ airflow cooling. It also needs to be considered what may be the potential consequences of retracting potentially damaged gear. Smoke or heat detection in a hold could need extinguishing systems to be manually activated.

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It’s not advisable to re-activate the heat-sensing fire detection system after using the extinguishing system as the risk of fire does stay high. In other words, smoke and fire sensing should be in sync with optical smoke sensors’ and extinguishing outlets’ disposition.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has halted the airline industry temporarily, the future for the airline industry is bright, especially after new guidelines taking shape. The year 2021 is expected to start on a positive note with respect to the aircraft smoke detection and fire extinguishing system market. Till then, they need to sail through the slowdown.

Aircraft smoke detection and Fire Extinguishing System Market: Competitive Landscape

The market is highly concentrated owing to the presence of peculiar players at the regional and international levels. They compete based on reliability, up-gradation of existing quality, and innovative technologies. Price wars are being witnessed as local vendors are making way for products at prices much lower than the global players. 

The key players in the aircraft smoke detection and fire extinguishing system market include Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers, Meggitt, Diehl Stiftung, UTC Aerospace Systems, H3R Aviation, Ventura Aerospace, FFE Limited, Siemens, Gielle, and Amerex.

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