Aircraft Sewage Management System Market Progresses on the Path of Sustainability

Globalization has positively influenced the strength of aircraft fleet across the globe. In turn, this ever-growing aircraft fleet is rapidly surging the demand for aircraft sewage systems, thereby boosting the growth of the aircraft sewage management systems market. The average estimation of 1.45 kg of sewage waste generated per passenger per aircraft is enough to ideate the huge pile of waste generated on every aircraft.

Owing to the massive amount of waste generated collectively by several aircraft operating daily, several key operators opt to recycle the waste instead of dumping it. The actuation of such initiatives demands organized platforms that can efficiently manage the swiftly growing amount of aircraft waste. Fitting into this contrivance of waste management, aircraft sewage management system, have been witnessing increasing application in aircraft across the globe. 

Aircraft Weight and Size Determine the Size of the Waste Management System

Storage being the pre-requisite of waste management accentuates the demand for storage systems in aircraft. Weight reduction is another area of concern for aircraft manufacturers where the sewage management system has a vital role to play. In this regard, composite lighter sewage systems are witnessing huge demand in the market in comparison to conventional aircraft sewage management systems. Other parts of this sewage management system are portable water systems, recirculating water systems, and vacuum systems. Although all the initiatives are directed towards reducing the overall weight of the aircraft, the size of its waste management system is highly dependent on the size of aircraft and passengers on board, which makes aircraft size a very influential determinant. The commercial aviation sector, being one of the fastest-growing industries is boosting the global GDP as well.

Several other factors such as surged aircraft traffic and growth in the indispensable income of passengers are projected to impart growth to aircraft sewage management systems in the years to come. Along with the escalated growth of aircraft fleet, the competition in aircraft sewage management systems landscape is also rising. Prominent players in the aircraft sewage management ecosystem are focused to improve the existing waste recycling methodologies, making aircraft sewage management systems more efficient.

The growing concern regarding sewage waste disposal by the aviation industry by the central authorities of different nations has resulted in stringent regulations mandating the airlines to dispose of the waste generated during a flight, after the aircraft lands. Such regulations have been propelling the demand for lightweight aircraft sewage systems. Also, increasing competition along with emerging efficient techniques of waste management are collectively generating new growth prospects in the aircraft sewage management market.

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The high cost of composite aircraft sewage management systems is facing hurdles in the face of leakages, hampering the market growth. It is estimated that the aviation industry in India accounts to be in the top three aviation industries in the world, owing to its rapidly growing aircraft sewage management industry.

Sustainable Sewage Treatment is Creating Growth Opportunities in the Market

Market players are progressive towards inducing sustainability in aircraft sewage management systems. Water waste treatment in the area of sewage management which is presumed to be very significant owing to the large volume of water consumption, which is at times compared to the volume of water consumed by an entire city. The augmenting movements towards conservation of water resources are compelling the aircraft manufacturers to manage activities and operations such as waste management that consume a huge quantity of water. Water released from aircraft sewage is further treated in normal water treatment plants, as an initiative towards cleansing and re-using it. Sustainable aircraft sewage management facilities are opening doors for new entrants in the market.

Market Segmentation 

Three types of aircraft sewage management systems are gaining popularity in the market which include vacuum waste systems, recirculating blue water systems, and potable water systems. These systems are generally part of two types of aircraft; general aviation and regional aircraft. 

Regionally, aircraft sewage management systems market can be segmented into North America (U.S. and Canada), Latin America (Mexico and Brazil), Western Europe (Germany, U.K, Italy, and Spain), Eastern Europe (Poland and Russia), Asia Pacific (China, ASEAN, Australia, India, and New Zealand), Japan, Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries, Northern Africa, and South Africa). Scaling economies of Asia Pacific are projected to have a major influence on the growth of demand for the aircraft sewage management systems. Other regions that are generating revenue pockets for manufacturers of the aircraft sewage management systems are Europe. In recent years, the commercial aircraft industry has grown very rapidly owing to the fast-paced growth in regions such as North America and Western Europe.

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New Sewage Treatment Techniques Intensify Market Competition

The competitive landscape of aircraft sewage management systems market is growing intense with advancements in treatment methodologies and sustainable approaches. Major players in the market are The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., Schrader-T+A-Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG, Exelis Inc., Zodiac Aerospace Group, Albany International Corp and MT Aerospace AG.

The latest study from Persistence Market Research (PMR) provides a comprehensive assessment of facts, historical data and other statistics related to aircraft sewage management system. It further elucidates the methodologies and strategies that will be adopted by the key market players in the coming years. 

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