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Choosing a Private Jet Charter Company

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Tis Meyer

If you need to travel in style, chartering a private jet is easier and more affordable than you might think. More and more travelers are discovering the perks of private air travel for both business and pleasure.

A charter flight is different from a commercial flight in that chartered flights are not part of a regular airline schedule. Think of a charter flight as a flight that you order up any time you need it. Tour groups and individuals often book charter flights for a variety of reasons, and they are becoming increasingly accessible as more and more people book them.

There are many options when it comes to booking a private charter jet, but they all have many benefits not offered by commercial air travel. As commercial air travel becomes increasingly expensive with fewer frills and more hassle, people are turning to private charters to get them where they need to go with maximum flexibility.

Why Fly Private?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits travelers have discovered is that chartering a private jet offers the ultimate level of flexibility. Unlike commercial airliners, private jets operate on your schedule. You won’t have to worry about finding a flight that gets you to your destination at the right time-private jets offer air travel on demand. There are no lengthy layovers or stops on a private charter jet-just a straight hop to your destination. And you won’t need to worry about delays or cancellations. Commercial planes, which fly from city to city all day, can easily become bogged down in delays. Private jets are just for you, so there’s no waiting at the airport for your plane to show up.

You’ll also skip waiting in long airport lines at check-in and security; a privately chartered jet is waiting just for you. No need to check your bags, no need to worry about whether what you’ve packed will be allowed through security.

When it comes to destinations, you’ll find that a private charter jet offers endless opportunities. Many commercial airlines don’t fly to certain cities, particularly smaller ones. That means that to get to your final destination, you have to buy a plane ticket to another city somewhere nearby and drive or take some other form of ground transportation. That adds extra time and expenses to your trip. With a private charter jet, you set the course and fly straight there. Virtually any place with an airport is accessible with a private charter jet.

Some of the other perks are the in-flight service you’ll find on private charters. Private jets offer VIP service from the tarmac to the sky. Meal service on commercial flights is always hit or miss, but a private charter jet promises only the best. In-flight entertainment is also top-notch, with WiFi access and the newest movies.

Finally, private charter jets afford a level of privacy you won’t find with commercial air travel. Typical commercial flights are packed with hundreds of people and not much room. That means fighting for space in the overhead compartments and sharing a lavatory with lots of other people. On a private jet, you get the plane all to yourself. No need to worry about having room for your bags or climbing over your fellow passengers to get to the lavatory.

How to Book It

Private charter jets are easier than ever to find and book. Private Jetscape searches 10,000 aircraft to 40,000 destinations around the world to find you the best travel options at the best price. We connect you directly to the largest global network with major international airlines like American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, and Emirates. We offer VIP terminal access with industry leaders every step of the way.

When you book with us, you can rest assured knowing that we only work with ARG/US certified jet operators. We pride ourselves on our safety record and that of the carriers we work with.

Private charter jets are easier and more affordable than ever to secure no matter where you’re going. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or both, a private charter jet offers you unparalleled flexibility and an unforgettable experience. We offer international destinations with unmatched style, and we can’t wait to see you on board.  

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