eVTOL Aircraft as the Future of Goods and Public Transport

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft are gaining popularity as the mobility solution for the future generation. The concept of vertical mobility has turned into a reality with the help of engineered aerodynamics. The major benefit of these aircraft lies in effortless transit between the vertical landing and horizontal propel. Besides, uncompromised speed and endurance, this transition eliminates the need for long runways, imparting space-efficiency. 

Manufacturers across the globe are engrossed in developing eVTOL aircraft prototypes that can efficiently deal with the existing mobility issues such as noise, operating efficiency, affordability, urban commuting, reliability, and safety. Major stakeholders in the market are making huge investments in eVTOL intercity and intra-city transportation for increasing operational efficiency. Increasing trade volumes are also largely responsible for surging the demand for eVTOL aircraft. 

Favorable Regulations Propel Market Growth

Ergonomics and social acceptance play a vital role in the growth of eVTOL market. The growth of this market is further driven by its capacity to solve everyday issues related to safety and security in the transport sector. It significantly reduces noise and visual pollution incorporated by conventional modes of transport into city mobility. Regulatory frameworks also have a significant role to play in the growing adoption of eVTOL aircraft. The consistent efforts to curb transport issues related to safety and security aspects such as air traffic and license authority are compelling central authorities to encourage the use of eVTOL aircraft as a viable mobility solution. 

Infrastructure Changes Encourage Evtol Aircraft Adoption

However, the use of eVTOL aircraft demands necessary infrastructural changes that include eVTOL specific landing sites, charging facilities, parking stations, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul systems. eVTOL aircrafts market is also generating growth opportunities for vendors in the insurance and financing sector. The electric battery segment is estimated to witness rapid growth with the expansion of the eVTOL aircrafts industry, owing to the use of electric batteries as the main source of power in eVTOL aircraft. 

Market Segmentation.

Two types of eVTOL aircraft are highly demanded in the market; fully electric aircraft and hybrid aircraft. Civil and military have emerged as the major end uses of eVTOL aircraft. Based on application, eVTOL aircrafts market can be segmented into personal eVTOL aircraft ownership, eVTOL airbus, on-demand eVTOL air taxi incl. sightseeing and eVTOL rescue operations. Major lift technologies used in eVTOL aircraft are vectored thrust, lift plus cruise and multi-motor. 

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eVTOL Aircrafts Trend as a Solution for Mobility Issues

The automotive and transportation sector is dealing with different issues such as traffic, inefficient logistics and delayed transportation, which is growing more challenging every day. Developed and technologically advanced nations such as The United States have started developing eVTOL aircraft to solve these existing issues of transport. United Nations is also taking initiatives to encourage the use of eVTOL aircraft. 

The competition is getting intense with start-up companies competing with established players to be at the vanguard of new eVTOL aircraft designs. Market participants are launching eVTOL aircraft as the means to transform the connectivity between rural and urban regions. Major players in the global eVTOL aircrafts market are Kitty Hawk Corporation, Lilium, Aurora Flight Sciences, Ehang, Workhorse Group, Karem Aircraft, Airbus, Bell Helicopter, Embrae, Volocopter and Pipistrel.

Evtol Drones to Benefit in Difficult Terrains

Volocopter, an urban air mobility company, is taking the eVTOL concept ahead with eVTOL drones. This drone is specifically designed to carry large payloads of goods without any pilot monitoring. Though the design is the same, it is the load-carrying structure that makes a difference between eVTOL for aircraft and drones. With these drones, the company plans to serve industries such as agriculture and public infrastructure where complex terrain is a challenge for ground-based vehicles. The company further plans to extend these eVTOL drones into a sustainable and revenue-generating business. 

eVTOL Aircrafts Generate Profitable Avenues for Manufacturers

eVTOL aircraft are also being sought after in the market as a commute for short-distance travel. Toyota, a leading automotive company, is extending its systematic and mechanize approach to launch air taxis. This air taxi is known to be virtually silent on the ground. It is further projected to produce one percent of the noise created by conventional aircraft during take-off. 

To support such innovations, many of the companies working on next-generation battery technologies are gearing up their game by producing aviation-ready products. Such developments are creating lucrative revenue and growth prospects in the mushrooming EV battery market. 

Huge investments place the Asia Pacific at the forefront of the market.

The market for eVTOL aircraft can be segmented into different regions including North America (U.S. and Canada), Western Europe (Germany, France, U.K., Spain, BENELUX, Italy and Nordics), Asia-Pacific (China, South Korea, India, and ASEAN), Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries, Turkey, Iran, Israel, and South Africa), Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and, Brazil), Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, CIS) and Japan. 

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Attributing to the huge investments from eVTOL aircraft manufacturers and drone manufacturers, Asia Pacific is gaining prominence in the eVTOL aircrafts landscape. Fast-paced developments are taking place in the region in the infrastructure for urban air transport for commercial applications. Swift development of cost-effective eVTOL aircraft in regions such as France and Germany is significantly contributing to the growing significance of Europe in eVTOL aircrafts landscape.

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