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Five Important Features of an Aircraft Maintenance Software

Lufthansa Technik
Lufthansa Technik

Dealing with an aircraft can be complicated at times, and if you want to make sure that they are running in a safe and ideal way, it is very important that all its maintenance tasks are followed as required. For the majority of the companies, it is tricky because not only are they dealing with a large aircraft, but they are dealing with an entire fleet of it, which can be a huge challenge. It is just not possible to take care of the maintenance on this large scale without any help. So what do the aircraft companies do when they find themselves in such a situation? They simply turn towards an aircraft maintenance software that helps them manage all the maintenance tasks efficiently and without any inconvenience. Aircraft maintenance software like Aviation InterTec is easy to use and helps you keep track of the maintenance of all your aircraft. In this article, I have mentioned five of the most important features of an aircraft maintenance software let’s have a look: 

Helps Plan and Monitor Work Schedule

One of the biggest features of aircraft maintenance software is that it helps you plan and monitor work schedules efficiently. The software allows companies to ensure that the aircraft is well prepared and working perfectly fine so the passenger and the crew onboard can travel safely. However, there are other things as well that happens alongside monitoring. This includes the tasks assigned to the personnel and the flight schedules. With the help of the software, any job can be assigned to the right worker without any complications. And it does not just help you assign the job! It also helps you monitor every worker so you can make sure that all the tasks are being done the right way and in time. This way, the functions of your airport runs all the time smoothly.


An aircraft is not like a car or a truck that has to keep just a few rules in mind to reach their destination safely. Things are more complex for aircraft, and they have to meet certain standards and follow guidelines in order to fly. These strict guidelines are placed in order to ensure the safety of many people on board as the aircraft takes you thousands of feet up in the air, and even a slight error can prove deadly. With the help of an aircraft maintenance software, you can easily keep up with the rules and comply with regulations. The software stores compliance data and notifies you time to make sure that your aircraft is flying safely.

Cost Accounting

Keeping track of the accounts is also something that can be complicated when it comes to managing an aircraft company. If you do not keep track of all the costs being spent in different departments, you will just end up overspending. Also, if you keep track of everything manually, then you are bound to make errors when it comes to accounting, and you will lose extra money. An aircraft maintenance software does not only allow you to manage and monitor maintenance, but it also helps you keep a good track of your accounts. It can provide you with the estimate needed for maintenance and can also help you nullify any sort of errors.

Predicting Preventative Maintenance 

For aircraft, preventative maintenance is extremely important. You need to predict the problems an aircraft can face before it happens, and it is an important step that should not be taken lightly. An aircraft maintenance software helps engineers with forecasting preventative maintenance as it helps surface problems based on the history of the plane. As soon as the software figures that the aircraft can face this problem, it notifies the engineer in advance to make sure that it never comes to that.

Inventory Control

When it comes to managing and controlling aircraft inventories, there are a lot of teams involved, and a lot of items are located in different places. Due to the large scale of the inventory, it can be hard to keep track of things, and that is where an aircraft maintenance software assists you. The software has built-in inventory control features that help you track and manage aircraft inventory much efficiently.

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