Ways to Pass the Time Waiting for a Flight

Waiting for a flight is never the most exciting part of flying, and for nervous flyers, it can be a difficult period. Waiting around for your flight in the departure lounge can be frustrating, especially if your flight is delayed and this is why it is a good idea to have a few activities to occupy yourself if you ever find yourself bored or agitated while waiting for your flight. Fortunately, there are lots of good options here, so you should be able to pass the time easily enough and maybe even enjoy your wait. Read on for a few of the best activities to alleviate boredom when waiting for your flight to depart.

People Watch

Airports can be fascinating places, with people coming and going from all over the world for both business and pleasure. This makes airport departure lounges some of the most diverse places in the world, so simply sitting and watching people come and go can be a great experience, and it will get you thinking about where people might be off to and what they might be doing.


Many people like to shop while waiting for a flight because you will benefit from duty-free shopping. This means that you can pick up all kinds of items at much more affordable prices than you could find elsewhere, so it is a great place to pick up souvenirs and/or gifts for loved ones back home.

Online Betting

It is hard to get bored when you have a smartphone and an internet connection, and there are many ways in which you can pass the time with your phone while waiting for a flight. One of the best ways is to visit a betting and casino site and to place a few bets while you wait. These games can be engaging and good fun, so time can fly by when you are playing casino games and placing bets.

Food And Drink

The departure lounge is also a good time to have some food, especially when you consider that plane food does not have the best reputation! Many people like to have an alcoholic beverage before a flight and this can help to settle nerves, but just be sure not to overdo it if you do decide to consume alcohol, and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

Research Your Destination And Create A Plan

If you are visiting somewhere new then a good use of this time is to research your destination and to create a plan for your time away. This can help you to look forward to landing and could also help you to maximize your time while there. 


A good book is always a great way to pass the time, reduce stress, and immerse yourself; whether this is a novel, non-fiction, travel book, or any other type. In a fast-paced world, it is sometimes hard to find the time to sit down with a book, so waiting for a plane is a good opportunity and could be helpful for lowering stress levels.

These are all great ways to pass the time while waiting for a flight, and for nervous flyers, you might find that they are helpful for lowering stress, too.

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