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What to Expect When Flying Private

Private jet

It is not every day that you may have the opportunity to fly private, but when you do, you can expect nothing but the finest form of transportation. Flying to your destination in a private jet charter is an elite experience you deserve to try for yourself. Between having all your travel requests taken care of, to choosing your preferred make and model of aircraft, the following are just a few of the many things you can expect when you take to the skies in a private jet of your own. 

Pedigree comfort
What you want is what you will get. At Charter Flight Group, we offer around-the-clock service to ensure your flight is as comfortable as possible. We are always one step ahead of you, catering to your every travel need, before you even ask, and taking care of all the details in between. Whether you have specific in-flight requests or need ground transportation or accommodations after you land, allow us to do the honors. On top of all your needs taken care of, you can expect to fly in a quiet and spacious cabin with all the comforts you desire. Many private jets feature sophisticated decor and high-tech features, while some even have private kitchens, spa areas, bedrooms, lounges, and office space. 

Preferred aircraft
Flying private means getting to choose the exact kind of aircraft you want to take to the skies. With Charter Flight Group, there are more than 6,000 jets to browse through, from turboprops to executive jets. They fall into six categories, including turbo, very light, light, mid, super mid, and heavy, and you can explore every make and model to determine the features that are most important to you. Every aircraft meets safety requirements and they each have their own bells and whistles. Maybe you are eying the turbo Beechcraft King Air 250 or the heavy Challenger 605, any choice is a good choice, but whatever it is you want, we make it happen. 

Flexible schedules 

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of flying private is that you get to decide your schedule. A private charter will be ready for you where and when you need it within just hours of you making your reservation. Whether you book your flight six months or six hours in advance, your aircraft will be ready for takeoff as soon as you say the word. When you fly with Charter Flight Group, there is no need to rearrange your schedule or worry about finding a last-minute flight because we work with your schedule to develop an itinerary that works best for you. And if you are in a rush, we can get you off the ground within three hours of you contacting us for a reservation. 

More airports
The beauty of flying private is that you have a much wider range of airports to choose from than if you were stuck flying on a commercial aircraft. There are more than 5,000 general aviation airports in the U.S. that allow private charters to takeoff and land, meaning you have access to countless destinations around the country. You can forget about driving hours to the airpor because chances are, there is a smaller airport closer that can accommodate your private jet. The less time you spend en route, the more time you can spend enjoying your vacation on the other end. 

Easier access
Flying private means getting on your flight and taking off faster than ever. Oftentimes, pilots are ready for takeoff within 30 minutes of your arrival. Running late? Do not worry, your flight will not leave without you. Some airports may even allow you to drive right up to your aircraft on the tarmac, letting you skip the airport entirely. And if that was not great enough, you will also notice that you do not have to adhere to the usual baggage restrictions. You will not face any limitations on the number of bags you take on board, as you are free to bring along whatever luggage you like into your cabin, no matter the size. Want to travel with Fido in tow? No problem. Flying private means your furry friends are welcome aboard and allowed to enjoy the cabin with you. 

Utmost safety
When you fly on a private charter, you can expect nothing but the safest journey to your destination. At Charter Flight Group, every pilot, crew, and aircraft must adhere to the strictest safety standards. Each pilot undergoes a background check, and they must obtain WYVERN approval and an FAA-issued commercial pilot license. They are well-trained and trusted, as they are familiar with their aircraft, knowing every inch of it, inside and out. And before your aircraft takes off, it must pass a thorough safety inspection, so you know you are in safe hands from the moment you lift off until well after you have touched ground.

Upgrades and perks

If you plan to fly private often, you can access some major perks. At Charter Flight Group, you can sign up for Jet Card membership, which is a four-tiered rewards program. It offers amazing benefits, such as complimentary catering allowances and free jet upgrades. The Fixed Route program is another perk you can take advantage of if you fly between the same destinations multiple times a week or month. This program lets you lock in a fixed rate for specific routes, so you do not have to worry about fluctuating rates every time you reserve the same flight. 

Whether you are looking to fly private just once or make it a habit, it is time to find out what private flying is all about. Book your own private jet with Charter Flight Group today and experience the allure for yourself. 

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