Flexibility and Customer Experience: How to Choose a Private Jet Provider

Established in 2006, Monarch Air Group is a leading provider of on demand private jet charter, aircraft management and long-term aircraft lease.

There was a day luxury was the main trait pursued by private aviation customers. Today’s motivations are far different, with time-saving and endless flexibility the ones topping the list. Nevertheless, with an increase in accessibility and private jet providers in the market, experience is a recurring requirement for today’s savvy private aviation traveler. In other words, it does matter with whom you charter a private flight.

With experience comes quality and high customer service standards throughout the whole private air experience, three core values that drive leading companies like Fort Lauderdale based Monarch Air Group, which has been serving demanding clients in 5 continents for more than 15 years.

With so many players in the market; small, medium and large companies stating they are the leading providers, customer experience will be the key variable that will determine loyalty. And not only the inflight customer service but the whole private jet experience, from digital booking,
flexibility, overall cancellation policies and aircraft availability, just to name some traits. Although private aviation is still reserved for a few, that pool of ‘unique’ people is getting larger, and quickly, so tightening up the customer experience by aligning with today’s purchasing and service habits will be the key for success.

“How do we know what our customers need? We ask, listen and take action. The high levels of customization that the best private jet providers in the world exhibit are only reached thanks to superior customer service and awareness. We pride ourselves on having the capacity to deliver a unique experience on every flight, adapted for each customer”, says David Gitman, President for Monarch Air Group.

Booking a private charter online live

Technology is also a game changer for the industry as well. It has helped to raise the transparency bar by putting in the hands of millions of smartphone owners live prices, routes and available aircraft, resulting in a dynamic proposal that has expanded beyond the common private aviation passenger’s profile, thus reaching a new target audience and rapidly broadening the access to this service. If the price is right, you just fly.

With that out of the way, what aircraft to choose? Well… What’s your route and budget? There’s a perfect aircraft for every type of flight and usually the length determines the kind of plane to be offered; each one has a determined range and specific features that adapt to a specific runway and flying conditions. If less than two hours, the recommended option would be a turboprop, perfectly adapting to a short flight. This is the type of advice that leading private aviation providers give to their clients on a daily basis.

“We embrace that new clients are understanding the value of private aviation. It’s a solid and sustainable business, therefore it’s expected that new players will try to get a portion of the market. For the client its always best to have more options; it’s our job now, the experienced providers, to continue raising the bar and investing resources in all segments of the market”, says Gitman.

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