How to engage with a Luxury Travel Audience

There’s a need to invest more time and resources in understanding the clientele and what moves them towards your service or product.

Every company, across any industry and country, has a specific target audience with similar consumer behaviors. Therefore, determining a firm’s target audience is paramount for success. And not only with the aim to generate leads towards sales, but also for engaging and building relationships with diverse stakeholders along the way.

In some industries, there’s a need to invest more time and resources in understanding the clientele and what moves them towards your service or product. In others, for instance, in the commodity business, price may drive revenue instead of added value.

At the other end, when engaging with a luxury audience, where details and constant added value make or break the success of a company, a different set of traits needs to be accounted for from the perspective of the consumer experience. For starters, understanding the target audience as a group instead of as individuals might be a mistake. At this level — for instance, people who can opt for a private jet flight on a regular basis — individuals are seeking tailor-made experiences.

From a provider standpoint, this calls for a constant understanding of each client individually. Once behavior patterns are set as a result of specific requests, then clients can be grouped for targeted campaigns. Many companies offer private jet services, but the ability to take into account an individual’s preferences — say, serving the Kona coffee and vintage Spanish wine a client asked for during his first flight with your company — can translate to customer loyalty. When communicating with this type of audience, these details may be what it takes to set your brand apart from the others.

Once consumer behavior is registered, communication serves as the link to build a relationship and loyalty. The periodicity of information and message customization are the key factors of successful engagement. MY JET PR specializes in public relations for private aviation companies at a global scale, advising clients on how to engage with its audience through tailored media appearances, from press releases to thought leadership pieces. 

Would the company persuade frequent commercial first-class flyers? Or private aviation clients looking for something a bit different? A mix of both? The truth is the strategy is dynamic and companies can target new audiences during specific communications actions — without losing the predefined big picture.

A Co-Creation of Value       

“Been there, done that.” That’s the starting point for most luxury clients. And, although in almost any industry you can’t assume that every potential customer knows or has experienced what you’re offering, experience has demonstrated this too often be true of the luxury audience. Consequently, it’s not a job of persuasion, but a common ground for tailoring a service around specific needs.

Co-creating value arises as a key approach because many of the clients in the luxury segment — top executives, successful entrepreneurs, business owners — use the same commercial strategy to drive results in the companies they lead; hence, speaking the same language is paramount. Sending bulk mailings and communicating via social media are usually not the correct channels, as they are too invasive and generic.

These clients want to be heard, not told what to do, and they need a service that adapts to their specific requirements. These expectations are understandable when paying for a flight worth thousands of dollars, for instance. In the private jet market, this engagement can come in the form of a brief focus group prior to a flight or a short face-to-face survey after the experience, which work well thanks to the non-invasive nature and can provide first-hand and immediate information for the company.

Some might debate that this is not a standard communications strategy, but then again, when there’s nothing standard about your target audience, a public relations team must find ways to use the right message, through the correct channel and with the right timing in order to generate the desired outcome.

MY JET PR is specifically dedicated to working with private aviation companies from all around the globe, positioning them in top online luxury, lifestyle and aviation outlets by delivering quality content to editors and publishers, with transparency and passion.

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