Air Serv’s first female Ugandan Captain earns her stripes

Air Serv

Air Serv has upgraded pilot Vanita Kayiwa to Captain.

A graduate of the East African Civil Aviation Academy, Captain Kayiwa is the first female Ugandan Captain in Air Serv’s thirty-two-year history.

“You have to work twice as hard as your male counterparts,” said Captain Kayiwa of her accomplishments in a traditionally male-dominated field.  Her advice to young girls considering an aviation career:  “We women can do it, even the sky is not the limit!  Flying is very exciting but to succeed you need to love it, dream it, and live it.”

“We are extremely proud of Captain Kayiwa’s accomplishments,” said Air Serv’s Chief Pilot Cindy Silong. “She is a true role model and we are fortunate to have her on our team.”

With a fleet of six Cessna Caravans, Air Serv specializes in “last mile” air transportation in support of East African humanitarian programs. Air Serv also provides commercial air charter, facility, and aircraft maintenance services.

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