flyafrica places criminal charges against Zimbabwe partners


On Tuesday 27 October laid serious fraud and theft charges totalling in excess‎ of $140,000 USD against a family member of our local partner in flyafrica Zimbabwe. has also suspended the Zimbabwe partner within the airline for breach of Directoral and Fiduciary duties. Further charges are anticipated.

In retaliation the Zimbabwe partner illegally and unilaterally attempted to surrender the airline’s Air Operator Certificate to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ). This raised concerns within CAAZ about the relationship between and the local partner.

The airline said in a statement that it is seeking a swift solution to this and will be exploring all options as this action by its Zimbabwean partner is illegal and solely designed to damage its brand.

“This conflict is deeply troubling us, however, we cannot allow theft on such large scale to go unresponded. Our commitment to is absolute and our shareholders are backing us. This issue impact flyafrica Zimbabwe, not the overall project”, said Mr. Adrian Hamilton-Manns, flyafrica´s CEO. “I ask for the patience and understanding of our customers over the next 24 hours while we deal with this”, he added. 

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