ANA Adds Third Daily Flight on the Tokyo – Los Angeles Route

ANA has decided to increase the number of flights on the route between Tokyo Narita and Los Angeles, from Sunday, October 29, 2017.

Currently, ANA operates one flight per day between Tokyo Haneda and Los Angeles, and one flight per day between Tokyo Narita and Los Angeles. This flight schedule enables ANA to take advantage of the respective characteristics of each airport in accordance with the dual hub model for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, expanding the respective networks served by Haneda Airport, which principally functions as a transit hub linking international and domestic flights, and Narita Airport, which functions as an international transit hub, linking passengers on flights between the Asian countries and North America via Japan.

From Sunday, October 29, 2017, the number of daily flights between Tokyo Narita and Los Angeles will increase to two, responding to the strong demand for travel between the U.S. and Japan as well as between the U.S. and Asian countries. This route has seen constant growth in the number of passengers.

As a result, ANA will be offering in total three flights between Tokyo and Los Angeles, providing additional connectivity, and enhancing Narita Airport’s competitive strength as a transit hub between the Asian countries and North America.

Founded in 1952, ANA flies today on 87 international routes and 117 domestic routes.

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