China Southern announces new service from Guangzhou to Malacca

China Southern A330-200

China Southern Airliners announced that it will launch a new chartered flight service from Guangzhou to Malacca on 28 September 2016.

The Malacca service will be operated by 737-700 or A319.

As the biggest carrier between China mainland and Southeast Asia, China Southern currently operates up to 20 routes, 230 flights per week towards Southeast Asia, covered most of the major cities. In 2015, China Southern carried 4.27 million passenger among this area, Year-on-year growth of 31%.

China Southern’s COO Zhang Zifang said:

“The new service will help meet demand for both business and leisure traveler between China and Malaysia. China Southern is committed to playing its due role in Sino-Malaysia exchanges and cooperation by taking advantage of its extensive domestic network, optimizing flight connections. We are confident in boosting our Guangzhou hub to become one of the best transit points for passengers from Malacca to the other destinations of the world.”

China Southern Airlines is directly affiliated with China Southern Air Holding Company, specializing in air transportation services. It operates the largest fleet, most developed route network and largest passenger capacity of any airline in The People’s Republic of China.

Currently, China Southern Airlines operates more than 660 passenger and cargo transport aircrafts, including Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Boeing 757, Boeing 737 and Airbus A380, A330, A321, A320, A319.

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