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MEA and Royal Jordanian to codeshare

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Royal Jordanian and Middle East Airlines-Air Liban concluded a new bilateral free sale codeshare agreement that will be implemented as of mid this month.

Under the terms of the agreement, Royal Jordanian will place its marketing carrier code on MEA-operated flights between Beirut and Amman as the marketing carrier. Also, ME will place its marketing carrier code on Royal Jordanian-operated flights between Amman and Beirut as the marketing carrier.

Starting September 22, the Royal Jordanian passengers can choose among three more daily flights between Amman and Beirut operated by Middle East Airlines, in addition to the Royal Jordanian existing daily flights to Beirut. MEA passengers can also add to their choice the two code share Royal Jordanian flights.

Royal Jordanian Chairman of the Board & President/CEO Nasser Lozi, who signed the agreement with Mohamad El-Hout, Chairman and Director General of Middle East Airlines, expressed satisfaction with this commercial partnership with the Middle East Airlines, saying that it is bound to reflect positively on the customers’ satisfaction due to the varied travel schedules and choices they will be offered. 

He said that as of October 25, 2014, Royal Jordanian will cancel two daily flights out of four between Amman and Beirut, as part of Royal Jordanian’s plan to restructure its route network. Recently, Royal Jordanian took a decision to stop operations to Colombo, Milan, Accra, Alexandria, Mumbai, Delhi and Lagos.

He added that for security reasons it suspended operations to a number of destinations; they are: Damascus and Aleppo which have been suspended since two years now, in addition to Tripoli, Benghazi, Misurata and Mosul being suspended this year.

Lozi pointed out that Royal Jordanian had to change the route of its operations between Amman and Beirut avoiding to fly over the Syrian airspace, adding costs to the operation of this route. The flight from Amman to Beirut now heads to the southern of Jordan, into the Egyptian airspace and then over the Mediterranean Sea before landing in Beirut. As a result, the duration of the Amman-Beirut flight increased from one hour to one hour and 45 minutes, either way.

Mohamad El-Hout said: “This codeshare emanates from the deep and brotherly relationship between the Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Lebanon as well as between Middle East Airlines and Royal Jordanian whereby the two Airlines, although members of different alliances, they complement each other in developing further the already existing cultural, business and tourist movements between the two countries.

He added that this codeshare offers Middle East Airlines and Royal Jordanian passengers the best choices and ease of travel not only between Beirut and Amman, but also to other destinations operated beyond the two capitals by both carriers.

El-Hout concluded that Middle East Airlines and Royal Jordanian are among the leading carriers in the Arab world. MEA was established in 1945 and RJ in 1963. They both operated scheduled flights between the two countries since their first beginnings; MEA has been serving Amman since 1950 and Beirut was Royal Jordanian’s first destination on its network in 1963.

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