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Oman Air increases capacity to Salalah

Oman Air has provided a substantial boost to its services to Salalah over the summer months, in respond to customer demand.

The national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman is expanding its capacity to the principal city of Dhofar, in Southern Oman by an additional of almost 23,000 seats, compared with the previous year.

The unprecedented increase will see Oman Air offer a total of 317,600 seats to and from Salalah. The increased capacity has been enabled by an increase in flight frequencies between Salalah and Muscat, and between Salalah and Dubai. Eleven flights per day are now operating between Salalah and Muscat. In addition, the deployment of Boeing 737, Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 aircraft on the Salalah/Muscat/Salalah sectors is complementing the increased frequencies and further enhancing capacity.

Furthermore, Oman Air has deployed Boeing 737 airliners on its six daily frequencies between Salalah and Dubai, enabling increased numbers of customers from the UAE to enjoy both Oman Air’s outstanding passenger experience and the warm hospitality offered to visitors in Salalah.

The move by the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman underlines its long-term commitment to supporting economic growth of the Dhofar Governorate. It also continues Oman Air’s year-on-year expansion on routes out of Salalah, which last year saw a record 52,274 seats offered by the carrier on flights between Salalah and Dubai. In 2016, Oman Air increased that number by 46%, or 22,000 seats, to 74,176 seats. The 12,044 additional seats offered between Salalah and Dubai this summer will further enhance capacity.

Salalah has experienced significant growth in the number of visitors it receives, especially during the Khareef (summer monsoon). The Khareef sees the southern-most tip of Oman transformed from a dry desert to a lush green carpet, where brilliant flowers bloom in the moist climate and wildlife abounds. Visitors from around the world, and especially the GCC region, come to experience the cooling mists and rains which envelop the area, contrasting sharply with the heat found elsewhere within the Gulf.

Exceptional efforts been made to boost tourist facilities and services in Dhofar. These include an expansion of its hotel sector and the establishment of the Salalah Tourism Festival, of which Oman Air is the Official Airline and a major sponsor. In addition, Oman Air has worked in close partnership with OAMC (Oman Airports Management Company) to modernise and expand the city’s airport.

As the Khareef continues, Oman Air will continue to monitor demand on the Salalah/Muscat and Salalah/Dubai sectors. Should there be a requirement from customers, consideration will be given to further increases in the number of flights operated and the number of seats offered.

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