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Ameriflight Signs Career Path Pilot Program Agreement with Omni Air International

Ameriflight and Omni Air International have entered into a career program to facilitate pilot career needs.

The mutually beneficial relationship is designed to offer a defined path under which pilots can advance to a Part 121 certificated air carrier. The program will also create incentives for Ameriflight employees and further assist Ameriflight in recruiting new pilots. The Career Path Pilot Program Agreement ensures pilots entering the program a first officer position with Omni Air upon completion of defined experience and training requirements.

Under the partnership, Omni Air will provide training courses to Ameriflight pilots who sign up for the path. Once the requirements of the program are met by the pilot, Omni will offer employment to the pilot subject to their hiring standards. The pilot must then complete Omni Air’s pre-employment new-hire pilot training curriculum. Both new pilots and pilots who currently fly for Ameriflight will be eligible and are encouraged to participate in the Career Path Pilot Program Agreement with Omni Air.

The agreement between Ameriflight and Omni Air also includes a reciprocal jump seat agreement.

“We are extremely excited that we can provide a career path for our pilots to obtain heavy aircraft overseas international experience,” says Ameriflight Chief Pilot Ryan Balzarini.

“I’m looking forward to a long-term professional relationship with Adam and Tony at Omni Air.”

“We have seen 100% success from the Ameriflight pilots!” says Omni Air Chief Pilot Adam Ramsey.

“As a 121 airline, Omni operates to the most challenging locations in the world. Ameriflight pilots adapt to our operation with relative ease. Something we have not seen in the past.”

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