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Bearskin Airlines Increases Service Between Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie and Sudbury

Bearskin Airlines
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Bearskin Airlines announced increased frequency of service between Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie and Sudbury effective September 19, 2016.

Bearskin Airlines Route Map

Bearskin Airlines Route Map (Credt: Bearskin Airlines)

One additional eastbound morning flight and one additional westbound evening flight will be offered each weekday, complimenting existing service between Northern Ontario’s largest cities.

A second nonstop evening flight between Thunder Bay and Sudbury will also be offered on Fridays only.

All nonstop service between Thunder Bay-Sault Ste Marie and Sault Ste Marie-Sudbury will increase from 23 to 33 flights weekly. Service between Thunder Bay-Sudbury will increase from 29 flights to 40 flights weekly including a combination of nonstop and one stop same aircraft service.

Only Bearskin Airlines offers nonstop and one stop same aircraft service between Northern Ontario’s three largest cities, saving up to 8 hours or more on round trip travel as compared to connecting via Toronto. These new early morning and evening flights are designed to provide the longest workday possible for eastbound business travellers while minimizing the travel time required.

Bearskin also provides the most efficient linkages between NW and NE Ontario via its Thunder Bay Airport hub.

Bearskin Airlines is Northern Ontario’s hometown airline and currently offers up to 100 scheduled flights daily to 12 destinations from Winnipeg in the west to North Bay in the east.

Bearskin Airlines has provided Thunder Bay-Sudbury service since 1992 and Sault Ste Marie was added in 1993.

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