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Hawaiian Pilots Meet with Investors and Picket Company at NYC Meeting

Hawaiian Airlines pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), met with investors and warned the flying public of a potential strike after the recent breakdown in negotiations regarding a new contract.

Hawaiian pilots issued this warning today at the company’s annual investor meeting in New York City.

“Hawaiian pilots have offered a contract that will keep the airline competitive, profitable and that it can afford to pay – and that will pay pilots market-rate wages.  However, despite months of negotiations, Hawaiian pilots still don’t have a contract. With negotiations having broken off, and the National Mediation Board (NMB) scheduling no more meetings, Hawaiian pilots have no choice but to prepare for a strike.  If the company forces us to carry out a strike, it will severely impact travel and tourism to and within the islands. Travelers should make sure they have alternate plans for Hawaiian travel this winter,” said Capt. Hoon Lee, chairman of ALPA’s Hawaiian Master Executive Council.

In addition to warning investors, Hawaiian pilots launched an informational campaign to keep passengers informed on the current strike status and potential travel disruptions.

“Hawaiian pilots have helped the company realize record profits, but without a market-rate contract in place, Hawaiian Airlines will not be able to attract new pilots to carry out its growth plans – and current pilots may move on.   Replacing them will be next to impossible—leaving the airline’s future at risk,” added Captain Lee.

Last month, negotiations broke off after the Company still didn’t offer a contract with competitive rates and work rules, and continues to claim that Hawaiian pilots must work at a discount to pilots who fly for competitors – even though Hawaiian’s financial performance is stronger than those other airlines.  The NMB advised both parties that it will not schedule additional mediation sessions. Once the NMB formally declares an impasse and releases the parties, a lawful strike could commence after completion of a 30-day cooling off period under the Railway Labor Act.

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