Mokulele Airlines to Offer Three Flights Per Day From Honolulu to Kahului

Mokulele Airlines has announced that they will be offering three non-stop round-trip flights per day between Honolulu and Kahului.

They will offer these flights seven days per week.

Mokulele Airlines is responding to an overwhelming demand for increased options between Honolulu and Kahului. Mokulele received immediate requests to help make travel easier and more efficient for those trying to get to Maui from Honolulu in the wake of the recent changes in the competitive landscape for air travel. As Hawaii’s second-largest airline, Mokulele is proud to do its part to make travel between the islands as easy and affordable as possible.

Plus, as the sole occupant of the commuter terminal at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has ceased operations. When traveling on Mokulele Airlines, passengers can show up just 30 minutes prior to their flight. Mokulele’s customers will no longer need to remove their laptop computers or their shoes; in addition, they are welcome to carry a beverage onboard the plane.

“The customer convenience and experience in Honolulu now mirror Mokulele’s other destinations in Hawaii, while maintaining the highest levels of safety and security,” according to President Rob McKinney. With this added convenience, Mokulele will offer the shortest total trip time at the lowest average fares between Honolulu and Kahului.

Mokulele has reduced its mainland service to better serve our home state of Hawaii. Having the ability to react and respond to community concerns is what we are most proud to do.

“We take care of our communities one neighborhood at a time with one hop at a time and are proud to be able to share in finding affordable solutions.”

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