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Piedmont Airlines Increases Pilot Pay to Support Growing Jet Fleet

Piedmont Airlines will now offer new hire pilots an industry leading pay package along with a guaranteed job at American Airlines in order to support its growing fleet of jets.

First year first officers at Piedmont will now earn nearly $60,000 while training and flying under the colors of Piedmont’s parent company, American Airlines.

“As we expand our fleet of Embraer jets on the East Coast, it is critical that we hire the best pilots in the industry to fly them,” said Lyle Hogg, Piedmont President and CEO. “We recognize that skilled pilots have many choices. We feel that no other regional can beat our combination of pay, short upgrade time and fastest flow to American, so we invite pilots to do their homework and ask questions. Other airlines simply can’t offer what Piedmont is offering right now.”

The new plan will also reward pilots who currently fly for Piedmont. First officers at Piedmont will see an immediate pay raise and receive a $20,000 retention bonus after completing one year of service. Piedmont captains will be eligible to receive a $7,500 retention bonus.

“Piedmont has the best of everything right now,” said Stephen Keefer, vice president, Flight Operations. “Pilots don’t have to choose between highest pay and guaranteed job at a major airline. They don’t have to weigh upgrade time against bonuses. Piedmont has the highest pay package, the fastest upgrades and the best career path to American. It’s the best choice, period.”

New Piedmont pilots will receive:

  • $38.80 per hour starting pay, up from $29.38
  • Sign on bonus of up to $20,000
    • $15,000 for all new hire pilots
    • an additional $5,000 for pilots with current Part 121 experience
  • $20,000 retention bonus after one year of service, paid in $2,500 quarterly installments

Current Piedmont first officers will receive:

  • Immediate pay raise to $38.80 for first year first officers
  • Top of scale pay for all other first officers
  • $20,000 retention bonus after one year of service, paid in $2,500 quarterly installments

Current Piedmont captains will receive:

  • $7,500 retention bonus

In addition, Piedmont pilots continue to receive:

  • 100% trip cancellation, deadhead and relocation pay
  • Free hotel rooms for commuting pilots
  • American Airlines profit sharing
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Excellent, low cost health benefits
  • Family travel on American Airlines

“As we get ready for 2017 and an increase in jet deliveries, we want to make sure we have plenty of pilots ready to support our growing fleet,” added Hogg. “This pay package is one more tool we can use to attract the pilots who will be successful at Piedmont and ultimately, successful at American.”

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