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InselAir adjusts flight schedules to further reduce costs

Insel Air MD-82
Aero Icarus

Last month, InselAir approached the Government of Curaçao to ask for an extension of the state aid to help the financially-stricken airline.

To further reduce costs and improve its on-time performance, InselAir will put in place an adjusted flight schedule starting this month.

Next to downscaling operations, the Curaçao-based airline is also well on its way to achieving the cost savings project 2 million ANG monthly, started in October 2016. The company expects to reach this by the end of February.

The adjusted flight schedule includes adjusted frequencies and, in some cases temporarily, taking out routes.

InselAir has temporarily suspended its service to Quito, Ecuador, during the low season, from January 12 until June 19, but plans to re-introduce the service during the high season with a direct flight from Curacao.

Furthermore, InselAir will discontinue the Miami – Port au Prince and the Curacao – Valencia operations until the start of the next high season.

The Curacao – Havana route will be temporarily discontinued the whole month of February and will be flown on Mondays and Saturdays (instead of Monday and Friday) starting in March.

InselAir said it expects to remain one of the largest Caribbean carriers in the region, serving 21 destinations, transporting around 1 million passengers per year and offering 140 city pairs with a current fleet of 14 aircraft.

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