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InselAir Chief Executive Officer Steps Down

InselAir Fokker 70

Albert Kluyver, one of the founders and shareholders of InselAir International BV, will resign from his position after a transition period which has already started.

Kluyver has led the organization in his role as Chief Executive Officer since the early beginnings in 2006. Under his leadership InselAir grew from operating one single 15-seater aircraft into an international airline serving 22 markets in the Pan American Region and transporting around 1.2 million passengers per year.

His successor, the Canadian Gilles Filiatreault, introduced himself to the media yesterday. The new CEO indicated that he has to present a stabilization plan to the government by the end of this month. Additionally, the management has been required to elaborate a business plan within the next three months

Kluyver will continue his efforts, in his role as shareholder, to strengthen the liquidity of the company he co-founded by focusing on the repatriation of the outstanding funds in Venezuela and to find a strategic partner for the company.

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