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LATAM Announces New Travel Model For Its Operated Domestic Market


LATAM Airlines Group today announced a new travel model for domestic services in the six countries where it has domestic operations.  

The model will respond to changes and high growth in the global aviation industry, modern passenger needs (which include greater connectivity and increased choice) and the development of the digital experience in all aspects of travel. A phased country-by-country introduction will begin the first half of 2017.

The new offering will include fares that are up to 20% cheaper, a fare structure that enables passengers to choose the services they want to pay for and the incorporation of digital technologies to improve the travel experience such as LATAM Entertainment, a free of charge wireless entertainment system, which is already available on all domestic flights.

“Our objective is that fares continue to fall, widening access to air travel both to more people and to those who wish to fly more frequently. The new travel model seeks to satisfy the needs of today’s passengers, who value fast, convenient and seamless travel, as well as the ability to manage and personalize their travel experience, only paying for the services they require,” said Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group.

The new way to book flights will enable passengers to choose fares according to the journey type and the additional services they require. For example, passengers will be able to travel with hand luggage at no extra cost with the option to add checked luggage; enjoy a wider range of food on-board; select their seat; and add the option to change or cancel their ticket.  With more options, the new model aims to make fares clearer and more personalized.

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