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Winair Adds More Flights to Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire

Winair DHC 6-300
Winair DHC 6-300 | Timo Breidenstein GFDL 1.2

After a successful introduction of flights between St. Maarten and the three ABC islands in 2018, Winair became the only airline that connects all Caribbean islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Winair is now increasing flights to and between Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, with additional services to Santo Domingo and Haiti from Curacao.  

The airline will increase to daily service between Aruba and Curacao, five flights per week between Bonaire and Curacao. This increase opens daily day trip options for Aruba and Curacao as well as day trip connectivity for Bonaire and Curacao five times a week.

Winair will offer three direct flights from Curacao to Santo Domingo and two direct flights to Haiti per week. This will offer a convenient connection to these destinations for Aruba and Bonaire as well. 

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