China Airlines and NORDAM Aerospace Maintenance Group Announces Joint Venture in Taiwan

China Airlines - NORDAM
China Airlines

Chairman Nuan-Hsuan Ho of China Airlines and Vice Chairman and COO T. Hastings Siegfried of NORDAM signed a memorandum of understanding in Taoyuan today to explore the formation of a joint venture (JV) to provide maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services for thrust reversers and other composite aerospace parts in the Asia Pacific region.

The JV is intended to be NORDAM’s sole commercial MRO facility in Asia and will offer its services under the NORDAM brand name.

China Airlines maintenance facility and NORDAM have a long-standing partnership. The consensus to explore the JV model was established after several discussions over a 9-month period. The objectives of setting up the MRO JV are 3-fold: to fulfill the maintenance requirements of the thrust reverser and composite parts fitted on China Airlines fleet; further develop China Airlines maintenance facility’s composite repair capabilities for composite parts such as nacelles, exhaust, radomes, flight controls and aerostructures; and enhance the aviation industry capabilities in Taiwan.

The two companies have been partnering for more than 10 years with NORDAM providing thrust reverser repair and overhaul services as well as assistance to China Airlines maintenance facility to develop composite repair capabilities thus laying a solid foundation for the cooperation. Thus when NORDAM was looking for a competitive location for a new commercial MRO facility in Asia, both companies engaged in discussions on a new cooperation model to maintain and strengthen its MRO presence in the Asia Pacific region.

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