Antonov Airlines Discontinues Cooperation with Dreamlifts

Mykhailo Kharchenko Antonov Airlines Director
Antonov Airlines Director, Mykhailo Kharchenko

Antonov announced that its current agreement with GSSA Dreamlifts Limited on Antonov AN-124-100, AN-225, AN-22 aircraft operations, signed in 2016, will end on 29 February 2020. 

Throughout the existence of the cooperation, Dreamlifts has consistently demonstrated an expertise in the outsize and heavyweight cargo market.

“Antonov Company would like to thank Dreamlifts for contributing to this partnership, which has served the global Antonov Airlines customer base so efficiently for the past more than 3 years,” the company said in a statement.

Antonov Airlines’ team will continue to lead in the global sales and operations of these unique cargo aircraft from its headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Antonov Airlines plans to develop its business using internal sources and inviting international well-known and experienced experts from the outsize and heavyweight cargo industry who worked with Antonov Company for many years to expand its worldwide presence. The details will be communicated later.

Mykhailo Kharchenko, Director of Antonov Airlines, said:

“Management of Dreamlifts decided not to continue the joint work with Antonov Company after the expiration of the current GSSA agreement, and they have the right to do so. We are very grateful to our Dreamlifts colleagues for their cooperation and support of Antonov Airlines during the last 3 years. We wish them only success in the future. 

“Antonov Airlines will continue to offer its reliable AN-124 airframes with a properly extended lifetime to the market on its own. We look forward to working with the existing and potential customers and can see a successful future going forward with them”.

Andriy Blagovisniy, Antonov Airlines Commercial Director, commented on further plans:

“An experienced team of Ukraine sales professionals will lead the global sales activities for its fleet of AN-124-100s, AN-225, AN-22, AN-26, and AN-74 aircraft. Antonov’s customers will continue to receive high-quality service based on the knowledge and deep expertise of the sales team. We expect a seamless transition for our customers and a continuation of flexible and personal service as per the current and future contracts.”

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