ATR Appoints Stefano Bortoli as Its New CEO

European turboprop manufacturer ATR appointed Mr. Stefano Bortoli as Its New CEO, following last week’s appointment of Christian Scherer as Airbus CCO.

ATR, with the unanimous support of its shareholders Airbus and Leonardo, has appointed Stefano Bortoli, currently President of the Board and Senior Vice President Strategy, Marketing Development and Sales of Leonardo Aircraft Division, as new CEO of ATR with immediate effect.

This follows the announcement last week by Airbus appointing Christian Scherer as its Chief Commercial Officer.

Stefano Bortoli has a deep knowledge and understanding of the company, the aviation industry and the regional market. He held various top management positions and has a very international background, providing the right profile and experience to continue the positive developments at ATR.

Stefano Bortoli said:

“I thank Christian for the crucial contributions he has made to ATR at commercial level as well as preparing the grounds for the future of ATR as a leader in the regional aviation. I am honored to join the passionate and professional team of ATR and bring in my experience to continue to ensure ATR’s leadership in the market and position it for the future.”

European turboprop manufacturer ATR is the world leader in the regional aviation market. ATR designs, manufactures and delivers modern regional aircraft, with a customer base fleet encompassing some 200 airlines in nearly 100 countries. The ATR 42 and the ATR 72 are the best-selling aircraft in the market segment of 90 seats or less.

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