Aurigny Suspends Service Between Jersey and Guernsey

Aurigny ATR 42-500
ATR 42-500 | Aurigny

Aurigny will be suspending its service between Guernsey and Jersey from the end of February 2020.

The twice-daily route was introduced in May 2019. The weekday flights to and from Jersey were specifically aimed at the Guernsey business traveler with timings to suit day return trips.

Mark Darby, Aurigny Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We returned to the route because our customers were telling us that prices were high, service was erratic and air links between the islands were unreliable. We had seen that numbers had decreased and more people were choosing to communicate digitally, thus missing out on critical social connectivity.”

“We genuinely thought there was room for us in the market by addressing these issues and included it in a route operated by our ‘spare’ aircraft. Our return to this market has indeed seen prices reduce and service levels improve, but not the upsurge in passenger numbers we had hoped for, meaning that the route is not sustainable at this time.”

“We would like to thank our regular customers who have been using this service for their loyalty and hope that despite our exit at this time the quality and price of inter-island air links will be maintained.”

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