Austrian Airlines launches fourth daily flight between Brussels and Vienna

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is increasing the range of return flights it offers between Vienna and Brussels.

From 5 May 2013, the company will be offering passengers one more daily return connection between the Belgian and Austrian capitals. The Austrian carrier will now be providing return flights to and from Brussels up to four times a day.

The new flight strengthens the connection in both directions, and thereby the Vienna-Brussels hub-to-hub connection, by one extra frequency. Crucially, the move will create extra transfer options via Vienna and Brussels. Examples include transfers from Brussels to Austrian towns and cities such as Innsbruck, Klagenfurt and Graz. Most importantly of all, however, it will create smoother links between Brussels and Eastern Europe, and key centres such as Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia or Bucharest, than ever before. Austrian Airlines’ own product range is complemented by cooperation flights with Lufthansa Group sister company Brussels Airlines.

The new flight times mean there will now be a new midday connection between Vienna and Brussels:

VIE BRU OS 351 07:05 08:50BRU VIE OS 352 10:10 12:00
NEW:VIE BRU OS 359 12:40 14:20NEW:BRU VIE OS 360 15:00 16:50
VIE BRU OS 353 15:10 16:55BRU VIE OS 354 17:45 19:30
VIE BRU OS 355 17:25 19:10BRU VIE OS 356 20:00 21:45

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