Czech Airlines launches Ostrava – Düsseldorf connection

Alongside the new Düsseldorf service, Czech Airlines will open a new ticketing office offering additional services, at Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava.

Czech Airlines will launch operations on the Ostrava – Düsseldorf route this March.

Alongside the new Düsseldorf service, Czech Airlines will open a new ticketing office offering additional services, at Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava.

Czech Airlines expanded its Ostrava – Prague connection last January and, thanks to the new timetable, linked Ostrava with other services offered by the carrier and its partners from Prague. Czech Airlines can thus offer clients from the north of the Moravia-Silesian region connecting flights from Prague to as many as 40 destinations.

“Czech Airlines plans to continue developing its air services from Ostrava. Therefore, effective 1 March 2015, the carrier is launching regular scheduled flights between Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava and Düsseldorf. The Moravia-Silesian Region is the fastest developing region in the Czech Republic with interesting potential for new connections which make both economic and business sense. It would be a shame not to use this potential,” stated Ján Tóth, Czech Airlines Director for Sales and Marketing.

The new, Ostrava – Düsseldorf connection will be serviced three times a week (on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings heading to Düsseldorf and returning on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings), by ATR 72 aircraft with a short, 25-minute stop in Prague, only to let the passengers finishing their journey in Prague disembark and new passengers heading to Düsseldorf board. Czech Airlines uses a similar model of operations on its successful Prague – Bratislavva – Košice and Prague – Hamburg – Gothenburg routes. Thanks to the Ostrava – Prague – Düsseldorf route, Czech Airlines will be able to offer a fast, comfortable and direct connection to the North-Rhine Westphalian metropolis. Passengers and their luggage starting their journey in Ostrava will be checked all the way to their final destination, without leaving the aircraft during the Prague stop. The same principle applies for the return journey.

“I am sure that the new air connection with Düsseldorf will be appreciated not only by tourists. The service is of primary importance for businessmen, who have complained in the past about the poor connection of Ostrava with the rest of the world, and also for potential investors contemplating directing their investments to the Moravia-Silesian region, thus creating new work places there,”Miroslav Novák, President of the Moravia-Silesian Regional Council, thinks.

“With the new flights, the region becomes more accessible and we are opening up to the world. Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava thus becomes an integral part of our transport infrastructure, of inter-regional and international importance. Development of this area is one of the priorities of the Moravia-Silesian region, primarily for its close proximity to the Mošnov industrial zone,” adds Miroslav Novák, the Region Council President.

“Air connection with Germany was one of the services most frequently requested by passengers. We are happy that it became possible to provide it. Naturally, this does not mean that our activities in this area are finished. We will continue our negotiations with air carriers, trying to convince them that Ostrava is, thanks to its location, parameters and equipment, an important point on the flights map and a viable candidate for new passenger and cargo connections,” added Pavel Schneider, General Director of Ostrava Airport.

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