Estonian Air receives its second CRJ700

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The two aircraft are leased for a period of two years. 

The 70-seater CRJ700 aircraft is serving Estonian Air flights with higher demand like Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan, Kiev, etc. In parallel Estonian Air is using three 88-seater CRJ900 NextGen and one Embraer170 aircraft in its fleet.

Estonian Air started redelivery process of its 4 Embraer170 aircraft, as stated in the restructuring plan, and the last Embraer170 will leave Estonian Air in December. This gives the airline an opportunity to create a one-type fleet of CRJ aircraft where the 76-seater Embraer170 aircraft is substituted with 70-seater CRJ700.

By March next year Estonian Air will be through the transition period where the airline has to use some aircraft from other airlines. The airline is planning is to operate altogether with 5-6 CRJ900 and CRJ700 regional jet aircraft on routes to/from Tallinn, and one smaller turboprop on Tallinn-Stockholm Bromma route from March next year. On top of that Estonian Air will operate with another 2-4 CRJ regional jet aircraft as capacity provider to other companies.

Estonian Air, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Tallinn, is the largest carrier at Tallinn Airport. Estonian Air is aiming to provide Estonia with reliable and regular double daily connections to destinations of strategic importance and of substantial demand. Being a small country on the periphery of Europe, Estonia depends on such connections, and Estonian Air is committed to provide these services.

Estonian Air has two business lines: serving direct flights of strategic importance for Estonia and of substantial demand, and providing capacity to several major airlines in Europe and Scandinavia.

Estonian Air operates regular routes from Tallinn to Stockholm (Arlanda and Bromma), Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Vilnius and Trondheim. Until October 2015, Estonian Air operates seasonal flights to Munich, Paris, Berlin, Nice, Vienna, Milan and Split in addition.

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