IALPA Members Flying for Ryanair Vote to Accept Collective Agreement

Ryanair Boeing 737
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 | Tis Meyer

Ryanair pilots, who are members of the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (IALPA), have voted unanimously in favor of accepting the Collective Agreement between IALPA and Ryanair.

The proposed agreement, covering base transfers and command upgrades and related seniority principles, is the result of mediated talks between elected representatives of the pilots in Ireland, who were supported by ICTU & Fórsa Officials, and Ryanair management.

IALPA members were consulted on the tentative agreement by way of a secret ballot that was launched on 24 August. Today’s results show that 100% of pilots believe this proposal to be the first step towards providing transparency and fairness for Ryanair pilots while also assisting Ryanair in recruiting and retaining pilots in the future.

Although acknowledging that relations have been difficult in the past between IALPA and Ryanair, IALPA is committed to building a constructive relationship with Ryanair based on mutual respect and a shared future, starting with this initial Collective Agreement on Seniority.

Captain Joe May Spokesperson for IALPA said:

“While our members fully respect Ryanair’s operational model, they no longer accept the company’s highly problematic employment model. After decades of declining terms & conditions, pilots in Ryanair have now firmly found a unified voice. When pilots are treated fairly and transparently by an airline, they will be motivated to contribute to their airline’s success, stay at the company and make their career with that airline.”

IALPA’s spokesperson Captain Joe May also added:

“The Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association would like to once again express our thanks, and the appreciation of all our members, to Mr. Mulvey for his willingness to assist in the resolution of this dispute. We would also like to thank Ryanair for their participation in the mediation process, Fórsa Officials and ICTU Officials, in particular, Ms. Patricia King and Mr. Liam Berney for leading the talks on behalf of Ryanair pilots.”

Ryanair said in a statement:

“We welcome the overwhelming vote in favor of this agreement negotiated with Forsa and our Irish pilots, with the assistance of mediator Kieran Mulvey. We will now bring this agreement to our Board and will ask them to reconsider their decision to rebase six aircraft away from Dublin this winter. We expect that the Board will meet to discuss this welcome development in the coming days.”

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