Iberia’s First A350 in Final Assembly Stage

Iberia A350-900
Iberia A350-900

Iberia’s first A350-900 is in the final assembly stage at the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France, with its wings now attached to the fuselage and the engine pylons and horizontal and vertical stabilizers being installed now, as the first electric system tests are also being carried out.

Iberia’s first A-350-900 will undergo numerous tests on the ground before the full cockpit and passenger cabin are installed, the engines attached, and the entire aircraft painted. Next, come flight tests before the aircraft it is delivered to Airbus Delivery Center.

Iberia, which flies only Airbus aircraft, has ordered 16 A350-900 that will operate long-haul routes. These wide-bodied, twin-engine aircraft consume 25% less fuel than their predecessors and thus emit 25% less CO2.

Iberia’s long-haul passengers will notice that the new Airbus is the quietest airliner on the market. It also features panoramic windows, wide aisles, and high ceilings, for a roomier sensation. Another innovation is the air-conditioning system which improves the level of humidity in the passenger cabin by 16.

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