Icelandair and Air Greenland sign new interline agreement

New agreement between Air Greenland and Icelandair boosts accessibility and strengthens cooperation.

The agreement is an extension of the earlier baggage agreement between the airlines. Air Greenland is proud to be able to present Icelandair as the first of a number of new partners that will boost accessibility for international customers – both business travellers and tourists.

With the new agreement it will be easier for visitors to experience the two countries on a single trip, with quicker transits and added convenience.

The Agreement will allow the combination of Air Greenland and Iceland air flights in a single ticket. Thus allow passengers to receive boarding passes for the entire journey and to check through baggage to their final destination.

The agreement will thus bolster joint efforts to promote the North Atlantic region to tour operators and businesses thanks to greater accessibility. Similarly, it will of course be easier for Greenland’s citizens to travel out into the rest of the world by means of Icelandair’s extensive network of services.

The agreement also increases your peace of mind on journeys that cut across Air Greenland’s and Icelandair’s network, as the two airlines will take care of the whole journey from initial departure to final destination on all trips issued on a single ticket.

The agreement has been in the pipeline for some time and Air Greenland’s change of distribution platform to Amadeus Altea was the final technical challenge to be solved.

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