Lufthansa: ver.di strikes are an excessive measure


The public services trade union ver.di has called a 24-hour warning strike for Monday 22 April at several of Lufthansa’s locations in Germany.

In addition to the airline’s bases at Frankfurt and Munich, the Group’s locations in Hamburg, Norderstedt, Nuremberg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart and Hanover will be affected by the strike action.

Lufthansa’s chief negotiator, Stefan Lauer, said a renewed warning strike by ver.di was beyond his comprehension: “Despite an offer on the part of Lufthansa in the last round of negotiations earlier this week, despite constructive talks and agreement to conduct further negotiations, ver.di is once again waging its pay dispute at the expense of our customers.” 

What was happening here was absolutely absurd, Lauer said. The fact that in the meantime ver.di was also resorting to completely excessive and unprecedented, coercive methods stemmed largely from the fierce competition between the trade unions themselves. For some time now the various forms of industrial action had been out of all proportion to the havoc caused for several thousands of passengers and the company, he said.

“In terms of its effect, a 24-hour warning strike is de facto an all-out strike, and given the initial progress made at the negotiating table, it is a completely excessive measure that can in no way be justified in view of the current state of negotiations. The frequency and severity with which the various trade unions were inflicting massive damage at ever-shorter intervals on the air transport industry and thus also on Lufthansa have meanwhile created an intolerable situation. It is high time that policymakers address the need for new rules with regard to industrial conflict in those areas which are essential for the industry infrastructure.”

As a result of the planned warning strike by the ver.di trade union at the Lufthansa Group’s locations in Germany on Monday 22 April 2013. Lufthansa’s flight operations will be considerably restricted. Cancellations due to the strike action are most likely to affect Lufthansa flights to German and European destinations. Flights operated by Germanwings will not be affected. Whenever possible, long-haul flights will operate as scheduled. 

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