Volotea Announces a New Base in Athens

Boeing 717 Volotea
Boeing 717 | Volotea

Volotea announced the launch of a new base in Athens, the 12th base of the airline and the first in Greece.

Additionally, Volotea will operate two new routes to Verona (starting on May 31, 2018) and Heraklion (starting on April 26, 2018). Additional routes will be confirmed before the base is launched on April 26th.

That new flight adds up to the other six destinations that Volotea already serves from Athens, where it flies to four destinations in Italy (Venice, Bari, Genoa and Palermo) and to domestic routes such as Santorini and Mykonos.

Lázaro Ros, Volotea’s Director General and Co-founder, said:

“We are announcing Athens as a new base in our network. We are very pleased to be so warmly welcome and we will be proud to enhance our services in Athens creating jobs and hiring local staff. This will boost our operations in Greece. We are really excited also to announce the new connections from Athens airport. The routes to Verona and Heraklion will allow our clients to discover these wonderful destinations, among the most charming ones in Italy and Greece.”

On behalf of Athens International Airport, CEO Yiannis Paraschis said:

“We are very pleased to welcome Volotea’s decision to launch a base in Athens International Airport, thus reinforcing very dynamically its presence in the Athens market. After two and a half years of consistent and successful operations in international and domestic routes from Athens, we are now welcoming Volotea to Athens airport as a home-based airline. For this important step, a decision also complemented by the addition of two new destinations of significant potential, we would like to wish Volotea every success, and we remain committed to supporting the airline, as all our airline partners, in its future developmental plans.”

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