West Atlantic announces new contract with Royal Mail Group

West Atlantic has been awarded a contract by Royal Mail Group (UK) to add additional aircraft to its network in 2017.

The contract, which commences in January 2017, will run for a duration of five years and will consist of nine Boeing 737s and three British Aerospace ATP aircraft.

The award comes following a public procurement process during which Royal Mail conducted an extensive evaluation of solutions designed to support its domestic air network in the UK. West Atlantic was selected to be the sole provider of aircraft capable of carrying between 8-21 tonnes. Once fully implemented, the award will increase Group revenue by approximately 25% annually.

“We are delighted with the results of this tender process”, said West Atlantic CEO, Fredrik Groth.

“This award represents a significant commitment from Royal Mail Group to implement an extremely high quality network of dedicated cargo aircraft to support its world class delivery service for the next five years.”

Final contract will be subject to Board approval and is expected to be completed in the upcoming weeks.

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