Zimex latest airline to join ERA

Zimex ATR72

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) welcomed Swiss airline Zimex into membership.

Zimex is the seventh airline to join ERA this year and brings the number of airlines in ERA membership to 52, underlining the value that Europe’s regional carriers place on the association’s strong relationships with Europe’s regulatory bodies and its influential lobbying and communication campaigns.

Founded in 1969, Zimex is Switzerland’s oldest airline. With a fleet of more than 20 turboprop aircraft, the carrier provides ACMI services to specialist remote field operations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, has an MRO facility and runs an aviation training company. Zimex also recently diversified into the European express cargo market to continue to build a balanced and dynamic business portfolio.

“Joining ERA will be of real benefit to Zimex in terms of business expansion opportunities and representation before Europe’s senior regulatory and policy decision makers. The opportunity to meet with ERA members at working groups and its annual conferences will also be of great value with regards to networking opportunities,” says Hugo Kopp, Zimex CEO.

Director General of ERA, Simon McNamara, adds:

“Zimex is a great example of an entrepreneurial and resourceful European regional airline that has adapted its services according to market demands. It caters for the expanding ACMI market and, in addition, has diversified into the European express cargo market. ERA is looking forward to working with Zimex as the airline continues with its development plans.”

Since its foundation in 1969, the Swiss airline has continuously delivered specialized remote field operations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Based in Switzerland, the company holds a Swiss Air Operator Certificate, owns its Maintenance Repair Facility and an Aviation Training Organization. It currently operates and maintains a fleet of over 20 turboprop aircraft under European EASA Aviation Standards. Major petroleum industry companies, international humanitarian organizations and UN agencies are among its regular customers.

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