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Southwest Airlines pilots reject tentative agreement

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The Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association (SWAPA) today announced that its members have voted to reject a new contract with Southwest Airlines.

After a 45-day education and voting period the membership voted 38.36 percent in favor and 61.64 percent against ratification of this federally-mediated agreement. In a strong turnout, over 95.1 percent of the union’s members cast a ballot on this referendum.

“Our membership has spoken and we will return to the bargaining table in order to bring our pilots a contract they can rally behind,” said SWAPA President Capt. Paul Jackson. “Despite increased compensation and some work rule improvements, there were new company allowances in this agreement that our pilots did not find palatable when compared to the potential gains. While feedback was received during the voting process, we will need to pinpoint which exact issues our membership need addressed with the Company.”

SWAPA’s board of directors will convene in Dallas next week to collectively decide the next steps toward a return to negotiations.

“We are willing to meet with company management at any time to continue work toward a deal that meets the needs of our pilots,” continued Jackson. “SWAPA will regroup, bring in our board of directors next week, and begin preparations to return to collective bargaining.”

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