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Cayman Airways Adds More Flights to the Sister Islands

Cayman Airways Saab 340
Cayman Airways

A new Cayman Airways schedule for the Sister Islands offers more flights between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac and better direct access to Little Cayman in response to increased demand for seats into the Sister Islands.

Cayman Airways Express has added a new daily (except Tuesday) flight rotation between Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman with its Saab 340 B+ aircraft.

Flight KX4005 will depart Grand Cayman at 9:50am, arriving into the Brac at 10:30am. Flight KX4006 will depart Cayman Brac at 10:55am and arrive in Grand Cayman at 11:35am.

Additionally, on April 4, Cayman Airways will introduce daily Saab 340B+ service for the first time as it expands its morning flights KX4003/KX4004 and late afternoon flights KX4009/4010 to operate on Tuesdays as well.

Saturdays will also see expanded lift, starting April 1, 2017, when the airline will be adding another evening Saab flight between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism, said:

“The new schedule and additional flights significantly improve airlift to and from Cayman Brac, and will benefit both the Cayman Brac tourism product and the economy in general.

“Part of the rationale for upgrading to the Saab aircraft on the Cayman Brac route was to increase capacity in line with demand and this has resulted in 18% growth being registered over the last two years. As well as adding more seats to the market, the new daily flights and Saturday jet service have been timed to provide passengers with greater flexibility and more convenient options for travel throughout the day. Direct access to Little Cayman has also been improved as the revised schedule offers 24 direct flights between Grand Cayman and Little Cayman per week.

Fabian Whorms, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cayman Airways, said:

“For some time we have been working towards further expansion of our Saab service.

“The introduction of the second Saab 340B+ aircraft in December is now allowing us to better match supply with the demand we experience. While Tuesdays are generally a slower travel day, the Twin Otters are simply not able to provide sufficient lift so this expansion of Saab service is critical to ensuring that we are able to accommodate all passengers.

“Additionally, the additional flights added on other days through the addition of KX4005/4006 will allow convenient mid-morning travel to Cayman Brac and its return to Grand Cayman will put passengers into Owen Roberts International Airport at the optimal time to connect with any number of Cayman Airways and other airline flights.”

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