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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport opens new section of Terminal B

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport’s Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) opened a new section for Terminal B including gates B4 through B11 and the corresponding ticketing hall, two bag claims and a security checkpoint.

The completion of phase two of the Terminal B project includes two new passenger entries with elevator access. One of the new entrances (B9) is an enhanced entryway with a covered walkway from garage to terminal. The completed phase also reopens an adjacent 1800-space parking garage.

“Transforming the travel experience of our customers is a key priority for DFW,” said Khaled Naja, DFW’s executive vice president of Airport Development and Planning. “The progress we’ve made in all of our terminals during TRIP continues to enhance our overall customer experience, and as we move toward the completion of more phases, more and more customers are seeing the results of our work.”

In addition, a pre-security concession, Sierra News, has been added at B4/B5 Baggage Claim area, and vending machines are available by the baggage claim area. New amenities in these gate areas also include charging tables for passengers. 

As the renovation of Terminal B continues, the next phase of work begins renewing six more gates, specifically B18 through B23, along with the corresponding parking section.  The phase three gates are expected to re-open for aircraft service in early 2017, with a final phase of Terminal B construction work encompassing Gates B12 through B17 scheduled for the end of 2017. 

“We are grateful to our customers and their patience with us throughout this journey,” said Naja. “Since the inception of TRIP, we’ve brought in new concessions and amenities, completed the new parking facilities and implemented new technology tools for passengers throughout our terminals.”

DFW’s Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program is a $2.7 billion capital improvement program to redefine the four original terminal buildings (A, B, C and E) that opened with the Airport in 1974.  In addition to Terminal B, work is continuing in Terminal E through 2017, while work in Terminal A should be completed later this year.

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