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New rates of airport charges at Chopin Airport enter into force

Chopin Airport
Chopin Airport

From the beginning of the winter scheduling season new rates of airport charges at Chopin Airport enter into force.

The changes are designed to promote the development of air traffic at Warsaw airport, primarily transit traffic.

The biggest change in the price list applies to charges for handling passengers at Chopin Airport. Until now the “Tariff of airport charges’ required a rate of 60 zł per each passenger checked-in. For transfer passengers, who transfer in Warsaw on a single ticket, the airline may have requested a discount of 50 percent of the basic charge. The new price list replaces the discount rate with a quota of 50 zł and cancels the need for filing discount motions. This means that the airport will automatically apply the discount for each transfer passenger.

The price list will continue to include the discounts for the opening of new connections: reduction of landing fees for five years, and for three years the passenger fee reduction (30 percent for European routes and 60 percent for non-European). The basic fee for landing remains unchanged. The only charge to go up is the fee for parking the aircraft at the airport, the amount depends on the mass of the airplane and the parking time on the apron.

“The aim of the changes is a closer alignment of tariffs with the development strategy of Warsaw Chopin Airport. We want to promote a strong and stable growth of air traffic, opening new routes enriching the network of connections of the airport, and most of all support transit traffic, without which the existence of some of the connections would make no sense. We want Warsaw Chopin Airport to become in the next few years hub of Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, a structured system of discounts was introduced to include elements motivating the carriers to flatten the seasonal traffic. We are eliminating also, by modifying the system of discounts, the excessive preference of carriers launching connections on existing routes to carriers who have previously operated on these routes,” explains Grzegorz Michorek, deputy director of the Commercial Office of Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Price list has been accepted the CEO of the Civil Aviation Authority. The regulator decided that it is compatible with EU regulations, Polish aviation law and a bill of the minister of infrastructure on airport charges, which must be proportionate to the costs incurred by the operator of the port.

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